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Our “favorite” professionals specializing in perinatal care



Rose Gradito

Capture the best moments of your life!

Rose specializes in pregnancy, childbirth, newborn, family and Thalasso Bain Bébé photography. She will make you relive the emotion experienced in the most beautiful moments of your life, thanks to her talent for “Lifestyle” style photography.

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Jacinthe Valade

I am Amélie, mother of two small fleas and a passionate chiropractor since 2013. After completing my undergraduate doctorate in Chiropractic at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières, I completed several training courses in pediatrics and perinatal care (DICCP , CACCP, Webster).

My passion: the well-being and good development of babies and mothers! From comfort during pregnancy, to the correct positioning of the baby in the mother's belly to difficulties during breastfeeding, are all part of the reasons for consultation in pediatric and perinatal chiropractic. I can also help when the baby has a stiff neck, plagiocephaly, a delay in his motor development, following a major fall or simply as a preventive measure. Guiding you through these magnificent stages in life while making sure you are well is without a doubt my greatest happiness!

Dr Amélie Bourque, pediatric and perinatal chiropractor


Melissa Bedard

Graduated from a master's degree in physiotherapy from the University of Montreal in 2014, I made a continuum in the microprogram of perineal rehabilitation completed in 2017. I have devoted the last three years to training on female urinary problems, problems of pelvic, musculoskeletal and anorectal prolapse and perineal pain.

I want to promote the world of perineal physiotherapy and make a difference for women. Since then, I have been working in a private clinic with a varied clientele.


I am a person who prioritizes healthy lifestyle habits for myself as well as for my clients. I am a sporty and socially active girl who loves the outdoors and needs to surpass herself. I enjoy staying connected with myself, both athletically and spiritually, and I opt for maintaining strong interpersonal relationships.

Hope to meet you !

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Melissa Bedard

The birth balloon is an exceptional tool to help the mother-to-be by accelerating the progress of her labor, reducing pain and facilitating natural childbirth. The Ballon Forme Couple method also gives the accompanying person concrete means to help mother during childbirth.

Duration: 3 h or 2 x 1 h 30

Price: $ 175

Marie-Pier Valley 

I am a qualified acupuncturist and member of the Order of Acupuncturists of Quebec. Motivated by my passions for children and health, I started with studies in early childhood education and nursing.

Desiring to work as an entrepreneur, I finally reoriented my career towards acupuncture. Traditional Chinese medicine makes it possible to treat various conditions in a more natural way, affecting both the physical and psychological aspects of young and old. In addition, this medicine focuses on understanding and treating the source of the imbalance and not just the symptoms associated with it.

Hungry for knowledge, I am currently studying osteopathy at the Collège d'Étude Ostéopathique de Montréal (CEO). I have always been concerned with helping others and making people healthy is something that is close to my heart. During the treatments I reserve you a warm welcome in a comfortable, peaceful and relaxing environment. The delicacy of my treatments allows great relaxation and leads you to enjoy this little well-deserved moment. Deep respect, discretion and attentive listening will mark each of your visits.


For further information do not hesitate to contact me. Hope to meet you !

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Massage therapist 
Fanny Lapierre 

Hello, My name is Fanny, I have been a massage therapist, physiotherapist, Orthotherapist for 10 years.

The human body has always fascinated me, I am a person who loves his work and I know how beneficial massage therapy is for everyone. My clients say that I know exactly which muscles to work to release tension. I love the contact with people, I also like to give advice to the best of my knowledge.

When it comes to working with pregnant women, what could be nicer than relaxing the muscles and reducing joint pain due to pregnancy. Plus, when mom is relaxed, baby is too!

I have a room in Rosemère where I have been practicing for 5 years, and sometimes I can travel to my home in specific situations.

We look forward to seeing you for a moment of relaxation just for you!

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