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Osteo Laval 

At Clinique Ostéo Laval we are committed to helping you on this path to perinatal care. We offer different services to better help you according to your needs.


Family osteopathy


The osteopaths at our clinic are trained to take care of all the members of your family. Whether it's pre-conception, for pregnant women, newborns, babies or children, our therapists are here to help.


Perinatal osteopathy


The osteopath specializing in perinatal care takes care of the woman from the preconception phase until childbirth. The osteopath accompanies the woman throughout pregnancy and even postnatal. Our perinatal therapists are also trained to take care of your newborn according to their different needs (for example in terms of breastfeeding) as well as to support new parents.

Looking forward to help you!

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