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Insurance receipts available!

Welcome to Maternité Ô Naturel


Welcoming life with confidence

Reclaim full power

of motherhood

At Maternité Ô Naturel, we believe in the ability of each woman to give birth to her child as naturally as possible as well as in the ability of each family to welcome their newborn with kindness.


Through various prenatal classes and services, we create a significant bond of trust with future parents. Our mission is to support couples in their transition to parenthood. We offer a warm space where families are welcomed and respected for their uniqueness, their values, their choices and their needs.

Our goal is to provide future parents with all the information and tools they need on pregnancy, childbirth and returning home with their baby so that they feel ready to live this new stage in their life. We want to give them confidence in their parenting instinct. It is essential for us that parents can enjoy the first moments with their newborn in an environment full of love and softness.

With us, you will experience complete support throughout your childbirth project in which you will be listened to and supported in all authenticity.

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Why choose our services? 


Melissa Lavoie

“I gave my son the chance to relive the sensations experienced in my stomach thanks to the Thalasso Bain Bébé. I also allowed her to release her tensions due to a cesarean delivery and also, we were able to live our magical moment which did not take place in the hospital: Skin to skin. A unique and moving moment to see my son so peaceful and relaxed throughout the treatment.
A huge thank you to Véronique. "

Services offered by experienced professionals!

Our services are offered by two nurse clinicians with nearly 15 years of perinatal experience. Also having several additional training, they will be able to guide you as much in the different medical approaches as in the non-pharmacological methods. 

Services that meet your needs!

Our services are personalized by adapting to your desires and your reality. We offer great availability during the day, evening and weekend. In addition, these services are available at home or online, and we now offer receipts for insurance or tax purposes.

Services greatly appreciated by families!

You will receive excellent service thanks to our qualified and warm professionals. The many families we have supported are always very satisfied with our services!

Contact us!

Laval, Lanaudière, Laurentides, Montreal and more!

514-974-5002 / 438-882-0658

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